Why I name everything

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Everyone who knows me always has this idea that I am possesive, I have a name tag for everything. I have my name on the steering wheel of my car, on the back of my phone.. On my computer. KwekuQ is plastered everywhere you look all around me. But for good reason. When I was […]

Music Discovery #1 – TYNG & KMRN – Numbers

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‘Numbers’ – Vivid, original, innovative debut album by TYNG & KMRN (consisting of ex-Moonbeam Vitaly Khvaleev and sound producer Kyamran Tuychiev). It’s very hard to describe this album with one word and absolutely impossible to keep it within one genre. Duo influenced by: Techno, Tech-House, Indie Electronica and Classic House. One thing makes this album […]

My Raspberry Pi – Melanie

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Before I jump into this, I must declare that I name everything I own. Well pretty much everything I own. Most names are symbolic but thats a story for another day. Melanie is my raspberry pi 2, she runs some fun stuff for me. Melanie is a very deep dark souled pi who runs anything […]

Hosting this blog…

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Hosting is always an important factor when considering things like blogs and websites. Nevermind if you are running web apps and data access servers. I particularly like having freedom of what I run on servers that host my own content. Sure I could have just approached the many hosting providers around and taken a cheap […]

How to boil eggs…

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If you have a pinch of salt… Put it away. This is a true story. Like extremely true. Those who know me and know who this story is about… We all know this dude is on another level of weirdo. So I was working at an industrial company not so long ago in their I.T […]

Whats up With Gabriel

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My name Gabriel and I have been coding since 2013. I started to learn about coding when I did a BSc degree in computer science at Uni. At first I loved coding and felt in-powered with what I could do with coding. I have honestly never felt more in control. I got the concepts quickly […]